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Air Handling Unit

CLIMACS Air Handling Units which has a flexible and innovative design; offers custom-made solutions to meet the desired level of indoor air quality and air condition while combining advanced technology with efficiency. CLIMACS AHUs aims to provide the ideal comfort indoors and strive to save energy with ecological solutions by considering future generations.

ACS supplies air handling units under a serie namely ACS50 having 50 mm rockwool insulation respectively. There are totally 42 models are available in the product range with capacities varying from 1,000 to 100,000 cubic meter per hour. ACS 50 with range ACS 71-1003 has been tested and certified by EUROVENT as per EN 1886 standards.

Technical Specifications and Options
Air Flow Capacity Range: 1.000 m3/h – 100.000 m3/h with 42 different size
Energy Saving Customized Solutions
Eurovent certified and tested in accordance with EN 1886:2017 for ACS 50 serie
Casing air leakage (CAL) class as L1
Filter bypass leakage (FBL) class as F9
Compliance with Eco-Design ErP 2018
Smooth inner surface, Painted Steel Profile
Galvanized / Painted / Stainless Steel Inner Sheet Options
Panel Thickness: 70 mm / 50 mm
Thermal and Acoustical Insulation: Rockwool 70kg/m3 / Polyurethane
Patented panel with K profile design
Fan Type: Double Inlet Belt Driven Radial Fan, Direct Drive AC / EC Airfoil Plug Fan
Heating / Cooling: Chilled&Hot Water / DX / Electric heater
Double Slope Stainless Steel Drain Pan
Configuration: Horizontal / Vertical / Suspended Ceiling / Double Deck / Side by Side
Polyester Electrostatic Powder Painted Galvanized Outer sheet – 1080 Hours salt sprey test reported from 3rd part test company.
Coil: Copper Pipes – Aluminum Fins / Copper Pipes – Copper Fins / heresite coating & blygold coating & epoxy coating
Outer Paint Type Option: Epoxy polyester powder paint, Marine paint
Heat Recovery: Plate / Rotary Wheel / Heat Pipe / Horse Shoe / Run Around
Standart Accessories: Safety Switch / Emergency Button / Junction Box / Drainage Syphon
Hygienic requirements ( used materials/accessibility / cleanability ) according to;

  • DIN 1946-4: 2018-09
  • VDI 6022-1: 2018-01
  • VDI 3803-1: 2020-05
  • DIN EN 13053: 2020-05
  • Optional Accessories: Roof Sheet / UV lamps / Observation Window / Bulkhead Light / Manometers / Magnelics / Fan and Pressure Sensors / VFD

    Air handling unit (air handler) is an HVAC system unit to control heating, ventilating and air conditioning in a specific area.

    An assembly consisting of sections containing a fan or fans, coils, filters, heat recovery units and other necessary equipment to perform one or more of the following functions: circulating, filtration, heating, cooling, heat recovery, humidifying, dehumidifying, and mixing of air. Is usually connected to an air-distribution system.

    Air handling unit consists of the following components;

    • Fans
    • Electric motor
    • Heating & cooling coils
    • Filters
    • Heat Recovery Systems
    • Humidifier
    • Dehumidifier
    • Silencer

    Automatic Control / Control Panel

    AHU is the main part of an HVAC system that can heat or cool the air and transfer the air through the duct flow units inside a building. It takes air inside and/or outside and conditions the air through the cooling/heating coils and blows the air back to the building as fresh and conditioned air.

    • Residential buildings
    • Public facilities
    • Commercial facilities
    • Factories
    • Shopping Malls
    • Medical Buildings

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