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HVAC Solutions

Air conditioning solutions are used for heating, cooling, ventilation and processes to improve the condition of the air.
It refers to the process of dehumidification in the indoor environment in order to provide cooling and heat comfort.

Hospital Air Conditioning Solutions

Air conditioning and ventilation are essential neccessities to ensure hygienic environment in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, surgery rooms and more.

Healthcare facilities need constant fresh and clean air 24h for the healthcare workers, patients to preserve hygienic indoor air quality.

Climacs is always improving its products to provide comfortable clean and fresh air conditioning solutions for healthcare services.

  • Hospital HVAC System Design
  • Clinic Air Conditioning
  • Laboratory Air Conditioning Solutions
  • Cleanroom HVAC System Design
  • Intensive Care Units Conditioning
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
Usage Areas

Pharmaceutical Air Conditioning

Pharmaceutical production, testing, quality control check begin with the right temperature, humidity level and air quality. Since it is a very sensitive work, maintaining the specific air quality requirements are essential. Air handling, temperature control, heating, cooling, refrigeration and humidity must be maintained at constant and desired levels in the pharmaceutical industry. Climacs offers efficient and reliable solutions to the pharmaceutical industry with its experience.

CLIMACS TUV SüD Hygienic Certified Units Solutions

The most significant point in accommodating a guest in a hotel is to make them feel comfortable. Hotel businesses need a high indoor air quality to host their guests. Heating, cooling, and ventilating the hotel departments and rooms, controlling the temperature at the desired level, setting up a comfortable humidity level with quiet and low-level noise is very important. Climacs is providing all of these necessities for hotels with air handling units.

Design and installation are other points to be solved but with Climacs, there is always a solution to fit and install any type of air handler any place where it is needed.

Business Centre Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in workplaces such as offices or business centers is essential to maintain an efficient working environment while working, having business deals or meetings. Climacs offers customized solutions to provide the best and most comfortable solutions with optimum efficiency and energy saving air conditioning system. Heating, cooling and ventilation at work places like open area offices can be easily solved by Climacs air conditioning units.

Restaurant Air Conditioning

The main area where the customers are served needs to have a comfortable indoor air quality with constant temperature, fresh air and humidity level. The other point in air conditioning at restaurants is to control the air exhaust in kitchen where there are lots of odor and polluted air particles. The kitchen is a crowded and busy place and it needs to be under control in terms of removing the bad air out of the kitchen to provide the staff a better condition to work and remove the bad odor out of the kitchen.

Flexible and customizable design of Climacs exhausts fan, ecology unit and air handling unit; provide best solution for restaurant and kitchen air conditioning.

Shopping Centre Air Conditioning

Shopping malls and individual stores need to provide comfortable air quality for their workers and customers. Working conditions are important as well as the customer’s shopping experience. Shopping malls and stores can easily solve their air conditioning problems with low cost and high efficiency. Climacs air conditioning solutions to shopping centers are very flexible and do not affect the interior design of the store with rooftop units and packaged air conditioners.

Banking Air Conditioning Solutions

Central air conditioning types are the most used air handling types in places such as banks. main workplaces where customers and front-desk workers are, conference rooms lobbies and individual offices need to have high air indoor quality. These places have limited are spaces mostly. Stylish look, low noise and decibel levels with smart project design, Climacs is here to give you optimum air conditioning aspects.

Airport Air Conditioning Solutions

Airports contain so many different sections inside. This makes the air conditioning more complex. Only an experienced HVAC manufacturer can handle this complex facility’s air conditioning system. Climacs has completed airport projects successfully over the years. Project creating, working on site, planning on blueprints, offering wise and smart solutions to airport air conditioning system is Climacs’ expertise.